DIY Fidget ‘Tools’


*Note these are ‘tools’ not ‘toys’…very important when introducing such items to a class full of wide eyed children.

I am new to the world of ‘fidgets’. The psychology of calling them ‘tools’ rather than ‘toys’ has won me over and I am beginning to recognize that these tools can be helpful to calm our student’s unique sensory processing challenges in the classroom.

I like Mrs. Griffin’s Mantra:

Griffin Mantra

Setting up access to these tools for your students comes with some training. Be sure to let them have a go at it and try them all out so they can practice some self control when they see these tools in the classroom.

Here are some savy ideas for how to make your own…teacher and thrifty go together very well.

I like Brenda’s playdough filled balloons. Roll out the dough into snakes and stuff them in the balloon.


Pipe cleaner and yarn ideas from this blog. I like the idea of attaching these to student’s backpacks.

pipe cleaneryarn

I love how this one is called the accidental fidget toy:

pipe cleaner stick

Mrs. Griffin‘s has the pipe cleaner thing figured out too.

pipe cleaner finger

I love these jars. It’s amazing to watch kids (and adults) become mesmerized by these.


OK, this school counselor wins the thrify award.

pool noodle

Here’s a great tool you could make with your students.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.24.15 AM

Thanks to all the great blogger out there for your ideas and posts!

More to come…

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