Book Review: A Walk in the Rain with a Brain


brain book cover

To enrich our understanding of self-regulation, mindfulness and growth mindset my staff has begun collecting appropriate picture books. Through guided or shared reading activities these thought-provoking books can generate meaningful classroom discussions about these important topics. Some time ago a dear friend lent me A Walk in the Rain with a Brain by Edward Hallowell. I have since shared this book with my staff and now it proudly resides among our ‘Mindful Books’.

On a rainy day Lucy meets a brain named Fred who has lost his head. She takes a walk with him and asks if he can make her ‘smart’. Fred helps Lucy understand the idea that ‘no brain is the same’. In the end Fred helps Lucy reflect on what it means to be ‘smart’ and cheerfully explains: “We have the ability to strengthen our brains, we just have to use them!” With bright, playful pictures and simple prose this book echos some of the essential messages of mindfulness. This book could easily be shared with both primary and junior classes. Enjoy!

 Here’s a peek inside:

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.36.00 PM


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